Who we are.

Central Baptist Church is not about a building but a body. A body of baptized believers called to unite as a local congregation. The congregation’s history gives evidence to centrality of people over properties. In fact, the first official church meeting was not held in a sophisticated structure but a strikingly simple tent occupied in 1909. With spiritual vision and a colossal faith, those pioneers joined to form the group of Christians who have come to be known as Central Baptist Church. From a simple past, our church maintains a singular purpose to glorify God in all areas of life. The singular purpose for God’s glorification has produced an excellence in ministry ranging from worship to friendship. Through uplifting music, visual media, dramas, an outstanding choir, talented praise team, and passionate voices, we worship in spirit. Learning from the Bible through the preaching of God’s Word, we worship in truth. Alongside congregational worship, our excellence in ministry is found in our friendships. The congregation at Central longs to restore a sense of fellowship by providing small groups for all ages. Our Bible Study classes are a time to fellowship and seek Biblical answers for life. After seeking God through worship and developing friendships through fellowship, our only response is to make an eternal difference. This impact is visible in our outreach programs, mission efforts, prayer team, youth ministry and children ministries. As our congregation celebrates the past, we look forward with anticipation to the many new faces to be added, to the many challenges to be overcome, to the many souls to be saved, and to God leading His people to a greater Promised Land.


Our Gatherings:

Come as you are.

When you come to Central Baptist Church and worship with us, you can expect a few things.  First, you will encounter the Word of God taught in a fresh and challenging way.  The Word of God is central to all that we do here at Central Baptist Church.  Second, you will experience vibrant worship that connects you to the heart of God.  Every song sung here at Central Baptist Church is focused on bringing glory to God.  Finally, you will meet people who love God and people whole heartedly.  The people of Central Baptist Church have a deep love for God and for others and it is apparent when you walk into the worship center.


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